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Should You Buy More Towels

Don’t you just love a fresh out of the dryer fluffy towel? Man oh Man does it smell and feel good on your body. Sometimes when I am in a department store, I look at the towels and think about what they must feel like. I actually go over to the towel section and rub them. Weird right? They always look so soft and comfy. What gets me most of […]

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Why So Many Purses

Leather…. I’ll stop there, lol. I know purses come in so many different fabrics, but leather is always a favorite of mine. Long lasting in wear and look. You just can’t beat leather. I currently own a leather purse, and it is at least, six years old. I knew of one women, who had a bag that at the time, was thirteen years old. If she still has it-its approaching […]

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Is it Simply too Much?

I absolutely love big box stores. I mean, what’s not to love. You can get an enormous jar of some really good organic salsa and a gigantic bag of organic tortilla chips to go with it for less than fifteen dollars. That is a steal, compared to what you might pay at a traditional grocery store. They have loads and loads of quality good food in larger sizes, for cheaper […]

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How Many Pair of Pajamas Do You Own?

Don’t you just love bed time. I mean, you get lay down and rest your entire body. You never notice, how weighted you feel, until you are off every muscle in your body. Ahhhh, time to sleep. Sleep is such an important aspect of our lives, that we spend a lot of money investing in a goodnight rest. From the type of mattress we buy, the sheets that will cover […]

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Simply Appliances

I am pretty sure that you have, just like I have, seen a kitchen device on your television, that just blows your mind. I mean it dehydrates, fry’s, toast, bakes, broils and a whole lot more. You think too yourself, I need this, because if I have this appliance I could get rid of my toaster, my frying pans, my microwave and the toaster oven. But will you really get […]

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Why You Should Stop Your Subscriptions

What are we not watching these days. Television has become saturated with shows of all kinds. I will not list every type of program available here, but there is something for everyone to watch, including our pets. I have heard more mature people tell me of a time when the television just went off. There were no more available programs to watch, so the broadcasting station would just go off […]

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Who Cares About Your Bed?

I love comforters, bed skirts and sheet sets. Why not, I mean, we spend the majority of our lives in our beds. So it makes since, that we would want to make it the most comforting and inviting space in our home. There are Satin sheets, Cotton sheets and Microfiber sheets, to name just a few. That does not even cover the different thread counts you could choose from. Recently […]

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Is One Vehicle Enough?

Growing up, I remember the family vehicle. It was the only vehicle we possessed for a family of seven. Never was getting anywhere a hardship. As a matter of fact, I never heard anyone complain of the lack of a second car. It was so uncommon then for families to have two cars. Not that there were families that didn’t have a second vehicle, they were just rare. As time […]

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Simply Simple

Minimalism has become so poplar today. I have seen people who have gotten rid of so much that they sit on the floor and only have one of each eating utensil. Some now live off the grid, in vans, cars or campers. Minimalism in itself can be a beautiful thing. However we must take care we are not depriving ourselves of things that make us happy. Can we entertain guest […]

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