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Why Is The Bank Holding Your Check

“Friday night, just got paid, party hunting, feeling right“. You know the song I’m sure we all hear when we get paid, whether its Friday or your payday is Wednesday. Payday is a good day. Its the day our employers remind us why we put up with them. Money, we need money to sustain our life style and to buy the things we want. For many of us, we have […]

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The Reason You Need a Bank Account

While working in the financial industry, I have seen all kinds of miss informed people, attempting to conduct business at the bank. Quite a few of them, with a bank they do not currently have an account with. For instance, people wanting to deposit cash or checks, into their accounts at bank XYZ, while they are in bank ABC. They unfortunately have no knowledge at all, as to why deposits […]

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How To Earn Passive Income With Your Savings Account?

We all have one, a savings account. Why, well, when you opened your checking account, the next thing out of the bankers mouth was, would you like a savings account? You think to yourself, ‘a savings account, why yes-yes I do. I should establish a savings account for something. I don’t need to know what it is now, but I will open a savings account and put something in it, […]

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