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Everything and Nothing

Collection of Poems


Have you lost yo mind, I inclined, I think about you all the time, They replied, But I don’t, I confide, Are you blind or in denial, Did you not see me walk down the aisle, Yea I was there, I was there, I tried to whisper in your ear, Yep I was there, I was there, There was something I had to share, But for some reason I could […]

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Into your mold I won’t fit From me you seem to profit Fixing and planning Inquiring and buying Why are you not happy with my uniqueness You seem to only focus on my oddness What I don’t have and how different I look when I laugh Am I some lead on paper Are you my so called maker Can you erase me and draw me over Can you make me […]

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Just Listen

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself Why don’t you listen Like my words hit a brick wall Why don’t you listen Sometimes my words are wise and can do some good Why don’t you listen I am aware of what’s right and wrong Why don’t you listen I know the good from the bad Why don’t you listen You can trust me Why don’t you listen I am […]

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Roller skating was her thing, always hanging out with her sisters and friends. One day that all ended with a simple fall and doctor visit. For, said he, she will eventually no longer walk, she will find it harder to talk, confined to bed she will be. Even though young she still is, unfair it seems, for such a young beautiful child, full of life, vigor and strength to have […]

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Will You

Will you wait, while I’m away Will you worry, or will you pray Will you love me the same way will it get stronger everyday Will you buy me a bouquet Will you put me on display Will our love be okay Will it top a survey Will you when my looks decay Still love me anyway Will we be together next may Will you ever want to stray Will […]

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Oh Hold

It reminds me of ballerina dancers Gliding across hardwood floors The director in a black and white tux His arms move as if he is trying to fly He doesn’t seem to tire out His lead the instruments follow On and on the song goes The piano it’s exerts such energy into the song It stops… Another starts There are more dancers There is more music Did they forget, I […]

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On The Job

Who’s in Charge Where is he Oh… him Never met before Oh… He’s the one who signs my check Well there’s a problem Can I talk to him What, he’s never around Umph I’m hungry when’s lunch I gotta wait For what, for who They never come to work When will they be back You don’t know Why because they come and they go Umph Can I talk to the […]

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