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Should You Buy More Towels

Don’t you just love a fresh out of the dryer fluffy towel? Man oh Man does it smell and feel good on your body. Sometimes when I am in a department store, I look at the towels and think about what they must feel like. I actually go over to the towel section and rub them. Weird right? They always look so soft and comfy.

What gets me most of the time, are the vibrate colors they possess. I don’t know about you, but I can never seem to keep the colors in them after a wash. I know its my fault, I use a little bleach when I wash the towels to keep them fresh. I am aware there are other methods out there for keeping towels fresh, however, currently for me, bleach is my friend.

We have moved a number of times and I have always found it to be a challenge, figuring out where to put everything. So I established the rule that if we have not used an item in a year, it has to go. This works really well for us, keeps our lives nice and simple. However, every move there is always the daunting task of putting away the sheets and towels in the linen closet. The cabinetry always seems to be less and less available in places we live.

So one day I had to take a step back and analyze the sheets and towels. I always reasoned, well of course we need these things. But do we need so many? There is only two of us and we only have one bed. So I dealt with the sheet problem by getting it down to three pair. I talk more about that in “Who Cares About Your Bed“.

The towels on the other hand, seemed to be an accumulation of raggedy towels that we never used. Some of them disappeared because my husband needed them for something with the car. Others seemed to vanish because, they were just plain useless and unsightly.

So then we were faced with the question of, should we buy more towels? Well lets face it- its just two of us, how many towels do we really need? The more towels we have available for use- the more the dirty laundry piles up. Because there is plenty, there is no urgent need to wash.

I decided then to no longer buy anymore towels, unless it was absolutely necessary. So we have enough towels to wash ourselves, dry ourselves and even use as a floor mat when stepping out of the shower. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well it is more than enough for us right now and as they continue to wear, I will decide when it is absolutely necessary to purchase more. In the meantime we have plenty and they all fit nicely on two shelves with room to spare.

Stop buying more towels, use what you currently have until they are no longer useful or they are just too ugly to look at. If you have a regular wash routine, you will always have fresh towels. We shouldn’t let damp towels sit long in the dirty clothes anyway. It can cause mold, mildew and musty smells. Remember too, the less the amount of towels you own, the less you have to find storage for. Only you can honestly decide on the amount of towels needed for each individual in your household. Make that honest assessment and either find other uses for the towels or get rid of them if there are just to many. Or if you have the space to keep the excess towels, use them after you have gotten rid of some later.

They are just towels, objects we use to clean and dry ourselves. It doesn’t matter if they match the decor in the bathroom, we just like them fresh and clean. Get rid of the unsightly ones and keep the ones in good repair. I am almost certain, you will still have way more than you need. Just Keep It Simple.

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