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Yes, I am particular about with whom I entrust my cleaning needs, even if I am doing the job myself. The products have to do a professional and do a quick job. I am a bit of a neat freak, I’ll admit, so I am constantly putting things back where they belong and cleaning up any messes made, right then and there.

I have only ever bought one brand of vacuum cleaner, after seeing one of their ads, on T.V. It pretty much blew my mind. So, I bought my first Shark Vacuum cleaner and the rest is history. From there, I have purchased their Hand Held vacuum. I have bought their floor Steamer, their clothes Steamer and their Iron and recently I had to purchase another new vacuum.


My newest purchase, the Shark Navigator is in my opinion, in a word, amazing. Yes, to me, it is the wolds best vacuum.

I do not believe a vacuum has to cost hundreds of dollars, to do a great job. I have plenty of friends who have purchased expensive vacuum cleaners, only to be upset about the lack of cleaning power they possess and the amount of money they spent on them.

If you need a vacuum that has a Pet Cleaning attachment, shark has that too. Those attachments work miracles. It sucked every bit of hair, that was on my cats condo, with no problem. Their vacuums have powerful suction and they last for years. Next time you are in the market for a new vacuum, seriously consider buying a Shark.

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