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Why So Many Purses

Leather…. I’ll stop there, lol. I know purses come in so many different fabrics, but leather is always a favorite of mine. Long lasting in wear and look. You just can’t beat leather. I currently own a leather purse, and it is at least, six years old.


I knew of one women, who had a bag that at the time, was thirteen years old. If she still has it-its approaching twenty years. Of course, the retail for that bag, was in the thousands. I have never spent, over two hundred dollars for one, personally.

We women love purses, they are a functional, thing of beauty. When it is time to purchase a new bag, most of us, don’t just look for something that will hold our stuff. It has to look good on us, smell good, be the right color, have the right straps, pockets and it has to speak to our sense of style. It can be an overwhelming decision to make, when its time. I have spent weeks, making a purse purchasing choice. I am always elated when it is over. Then, I just intentionally, dump all the contents from my previous purse, into my new handbag. Nothing else matters, but wondering, when I get to leave the house again, to carry my new bag.

I have tried to have multiple bags, so I could carry them to match certain outfits, or moods. However, through the process of trying to have options, I have learned, I am not one who likes rethinking, where to place everything in my purse, all over again. So I tend to only do this when necessary. I have a smaller purse for long walks, or visiting parks and the like.Untitled design.png

I have a backpack, for when I need to carry my usual things, but need my hands and side free to carry other things, like when going through the airport.


But the purse I carry regularly, is there ready for me, to just grab and go and I love it.

Sometimes we don’t realize, just how much we complicate the simplest areas of our lives. Having to many handbag options, or just collecting purses, is a waste of money.


We could be out of the door so much faster, with this one decision already made. Like I mentioned earlier, leather, I try to stick to neutral colors like, black, brown or tan. These colors go with anything and don’t look dirty or faded over time. Remember less is always more. This is just another item, that creates an unnecessary storage need, taking up space, from something else, that is way more important.

Yes, its simply just a purse and although they are fabulous, its really just a piece of fabric, to carry things in, when we are out and about. Just keep it simple.

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