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I absolutely love big box stores. I mean, what’s not to love. You can get an enormous jar of some really good organic salsa and a gigantic bag of organic tortilla chips to go with it for less than fifteen dollars. That is a steal, compared to what you might pay at a traditional grocery store. They have loads and loads of quality good food in larger sizes, for cheaper prices. They even have organic produce and quality meat choices.

If you are hungry, save your money, and go to Costco for free samples. They have samples in almost every aisle, just make sure you choose the right day for samples. Its usually on the weekends. I have purchased big boxes of snacks and garbage bags. 20191023_1643504607847356842006197.jpgAnything you can think of, they have in larger sizes. Fancy a huge box of cereal, or a giant jar of olives, they have it.

However, I must confess, I have never understood why they sold the other things, like camp chairs, coat racks, jewelry, cell phones, and movies, to say the least. Those things are not in larger sizes, they are just a good deal… I guess. You can even get car insurance or book a vacation at Costco, wow, they have it all.

Buyer beware though, once you get used to something, eventually they will no longer sell it. I read somewhere, that if there is an asterisk on the sales sign, this means they will be discontinuing the item. They sell items until they are out of stock. The only things I could always count on, are their brand of foods, and of course produce and baked goods. Pretty much anything they make in house, they always have, like rotisserie chicken or pizza.

My point is, they have a lot to choose from, and if you are like me, you will go to Costco, just to buy a few things, and get home with a few things, times one hundred and wonder, where will you put all this stuff. Key word, stuff. Not that you don’t need some of the stuff, but honestly most of it is stuff you don’t need at all, it just looked good and you liked the idea of having it in your home.

I don’t know about you, but I am not into decorating the top of my refrigerator, with cereal boxes that cannot fit into my cabinets. Or my counter tops, with bags of chips because the snack cabinet is overflowing with other foods. I mean its just two of us, who needs all that food. The worst of course is, over stuffing the refrigerator with so much food, that things go bad because you can’t see whats behind the large container of strawberries you purchased. 20191023_1719084308019793396984142.jpgYou actually forgot what you purchased, because you just cannot see it. What a waste, now you are throwing money into the trash.

Unless you have a large family, buying at big box stores just doesn’t make sense. You certainly do not want to get into the habit of eating things, just so it doesn’t expire. The over consumption of food, is never a good idea. You can only expend so many calories in a day. The next thing you know, you have a weight problem, that brings with it, a host of other health concerns. Its just best to do without the excess. However, if you buy your toiletries from the big box stores, and you have somewhere to store them, I see no harm in that.20191023_1644045556563776327993588.jpg We always seem to have a need for these things and they practically have a long shelf life.

We simply only need to provide for our immediate necessities. Besides, why purchase a large supply of something we may eventually get tired of eating? 20191023_1643312969193914368138078.jpgBuy only what you can consume, in a moderate amount of time. Keep it simple.


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